Hi, i'm Leandro 👋

I'm Frontend Developer with Backend background from Italy. I enjoy building products and solving real-life problems with code. I work primarily as a frontend developer using React, Next.js, Vue.Js and other frameworks. I also have a background in backend development in Laravel, Spring and Node.js.


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    Leandro's Manifest

    No single paradigm!
    Not to be limited by a single paradigm or a narrow set of ideas.

    Today's best practices will be called anti-models tomorrow. Your users don't care how you built the product, but rather what it does to improve their lives.
    Embrace simplicity, ignore hype
    I have high expectations for the future, because the past was very overrated> > Sylvester Stallone

    It's never easy to navigate, but always ask yourself is this the best tool for the job?.Just because Tool X has a sleek interface and is used by Hipster App Inc doesn't mean you should use it.

    We have a tendency to over-engineer everything, you have to fight that urge.
    It doesn't matter how slowly you go until you stop..> > Confucio

    It is difficult to finish a product, but done is better than perfect.
    You can expect many setbacks during the development of an app, and progress is made by constantly improving your work in small steps.

    I cannot overstate the importance of this: listen to your customers.
    Less code, think more!
    Software is about solving problems for people.
    Don't get trapped by focusing on the technical aspects of a project.
    Open Air!
    Take a walk outside and think about the big picture, the end user, marketing and the community.

    Brute force is almost never a good idea. Instead, take a short break and enjoy life.

    When you sit down again, you may miraculously solve that problem where you previously wasted countless hours.

    Today is the first day of the rest of your life...

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