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Here is a list of my top open source projects that I own and contribute to.

  • Website
    Portfolio Site (this site)

    React Js, Next Js, Tailwind CSS e deploy on Netlify


    Software Engineer / Founder

  • Service Node Js
    Service Piral - Microfrontend
    • Service for Piral Js - Microfrontend Architecture
    • Write with Node Js, Typescript, Prisma
    • Panel Admin with Liquid Js e Tailwind


    Software Engineer / Founder


My Side projects are...

  • Learning Platform

    Isjeady was born in 2017 out of my passion for IT.

    Community to support and share software development topics in particular Web Applications created for enthusiasts by a developer.

    Design and development of an E-Learning platform::
    • Backend: Laravel, Node Js, Postgres, Amazon SQS, Braintree Payments
    • Frontend: React, Next Js, Sentry, Cypress
    • Cloud : Heroku, Bitbucket Pipelines
    architecture isjeady


    Software Engineer / Founder

  • Library React
    Ui React Library (in progress)

    The Ui React library has a clean and uncluttered user interface designed

    for objects and arrays derived from Rest API calls.

    Its API is simple but composable and accessibility is excellent.

    React library for building object interfaces, uses Tailwind CSS.


    Software Engineer / Founder

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